Advanced home theatre installation on the Central Coast

Advice from Brad for his Central Coast customers on everything from sound in home theatre installation to what TV to buy.

What TV to buy

Everyone is different and some brands have better value when comparing the TV size you want.
My opinion in big screens 55 inch and above, Samsung has probably the most vivid colour and brightness and a great customer support base.

LG has the best 3D effect and the cheapest on glasses, for the kid’s great value and great effect.

Sony picture quality for pure black and white colour and great motion control for faster images.

Panasonic has great pure picture colour, very simple menus and more connections for both older and newer components.

For smaller screen it’s probably more about fitting into a certain space and budget. If the picture looks good and has a good warranty that’s about all you can do.

As everyone sees things differently, the only thing I can suggest when buying a TV is look at the Blacks and Whites of TV’s. The blacker the black, no white mist or grey. The whiter the whites, no greens, pinks, or greys mixed in the better the overall picture should be.

Home theatre

The number one rule is listen to what you are buying. Just because it is expensive or on special doesn’t mean it’s good or bad. Everyone’s ears are different, you know what you like. Even expert home theatre installation won't improve already shoddy quality.

Wireless systems – do they work??? Yes!!
Basically the two rear speakers are connected to a receiver, the receiver is plugged into power at the back / rear off room and sound is transmitted from the front head unit. Great for Central Coast rooms that would be hard to wire with traditional home theatre installation.   

Do they sound as good and do they have the same sound quality as a component system? NO.
But they are getting value for money and for a lot of people this is more than adequate. Always listen to the system and remember the type of room you have when buying here on the Central Coast.


Most recording now is on a hard drive recorder, DVD, PVR, Foxtel.
DVD hard-drive - Panasonic is probably the main one easy to use, good value.
PVR – personal video recorders, Topfield in my opinion is properly the best, but this is only my opinion.

Foxtel HD (should you update) If you like high picture quality, have a HD TV and like HD sport in particular and have trouble recording things then the IQ2 is amazing plus probably the easiest recording system you can get.

Once again, all of the above is just my personal opinion. Hope it helps.

A TV mounted in a TAB A Central Coast house during home theatre installation

Simply the Ultra HDTV delivers 4 times the picture resolution of current full HD TV’s. You have 8 million pixels compared to 2 million pixels. Resolution (3840 x 2160)

What will the Benefit be... Apart from crisper sharper picture, the smoothness and fine detail will be lifelike. Also the ability as to what manufacturers can do with this new blank canvas is exciting with processing movement and colour to be even more pronounced.

3D – one benefit from Ultra HD TV will be better quality 3D with less blurring and more comfortable viewing.


This is basically the same as Ultra HD TV and in some cases they seem to be put into the same category but 4K TV has a higher resolution  (4096 x 2160)  as opposed to (3840 x 2160).


Short answer - Yes. As most TV Manufacturers are behind it, as are TV Broadcasters, photographic companies, movie houses and distributors, it’s just a matter of time.


After all we have been told about flat, flat, flat...then why curve the screen? The short answer is to immerse you into the screen.


This once again is only my opinion. On the big screens 84” up I think it does, particularly with the 3D viewing. On smaller screens not as much unless you sit much closer.